If you’re in a healthy relationship, you know it.  In fact, you and your partner have worked diligently to get to that point.  However, it’s not always a clear and most people are not sure if they are in a healthy love relationship. 

Why? Well, it’s because most of us learned about relationships from the people around us —and to us it seems normal. When we see a couple lasting 30, 40 years together we may not realize that relationship was the epitome of dysfunction. 

We may think certain television show such as: Leave it to Beaver was the perfect example of what life, relationships, and family are all about.  We may not realize that smiling, happy couples you in the street and envy have problems behind closed doors.

The 10 healthy relationship signs below are what I think constitute a healthy relationship. I hope the 10 Signs you’re In a Healthy Relationship open your eyes to what healthy relationships are all about. Relationships are not all smiles and kissy-face; but it’s real.

1.You can be who you really are with each other. You are able feel comfortable sharing your deepest thoughts, fears, and emotions with one another.

2.You treat each other the way you would like to be treated, not necessarily the way you feel you’re being treated at the moment.

3.You willingly make sacrifices for each other. Basically have each other’s back.

4.There is mutual trust and dedication. This is so vital to the success of any relationship.

5.You have a strong friendship. No outside forces can come and easily tear you apart.

6.You can genuinely humble yourself and apologize to one another when feelings are hurt and words are used that should not be used.

7.You are able to enjoy physical contact with your partner (hugs, kisses, cuddling, and sex) together.

8.You are able to communicate and agree or genuinely disagree on financial matters.

9.You share mutual interests and activities. You do not need to have everything in common. 

10.You avoid going to bed mad. Do everything you can not to go to sleep upset at one another.

The 10 Signs you’re In a Healthy Relationship may not perfect for everyone, but for me, these are some of the most important things I consider. Relationships are challenging and without having great understanding, patience, love relationships can and will be really hard.

Most people don't know what they have until it’s gone, that is the sad part of many relationships and break ups. Why can't a person see what they have when they have it, why must they ruin the trust that was there before they want what they can no longer have?

10 Signs you’re In a Healthy Relationship

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