Relationships are very challenging as we all know and breaking up does not make it any easier on either party. As I struggle through my own relationship I know I am not alone in doing everything I can to try to save it. I happen to think that if you know the most common reasons couples split up, you can use that information to strengthen your bond and make it last longer.

My advice to those that are starting a new relationship, is to not rush into it. No matter how much the other person tells you he or she loves youJUST WAIT! I think if most of us waited for a while before we allow ourselves to commit we will notice the signs that this person may not be the one for us. People can pretent for so long, they do not have the stamina to continue without revealing their trueself.  

Most people don't know what they have until its gone, that is the sad part of many relationships and break ups. why can't a person see what they have when they have it, why must they ruin the trust that was there before they want what they
can no longer have?
1. We just fell out of love. (39.7% of respondents said they had experienced a breakup for this reason)

2. He cheated. (36.6 percent)

3. He lied about something, and I couldn’t trust him again. (29.3 percent)

4. We were always fighting and realized we shouldn’t be together. (29.1 percent)

5 and 6 (tied). He stopped doing sweet, romantic things for me. And, I missed being single and dating around. (both 21.1 percent)

7. He wasn’t very ambitious when it came to his career. (20.6 percent)

8. One of us moved. (20.2 percent)

9. He didn’t get along with my friends and family. (18.9 percent)

10. The sex was bad. (15.7 percent)

Top Ten Reasons Couple Breaks up