Daily toil he performed against his desires, reasonable outlay was given for him.
Sound of the unkind lash echoed on the field day after day.
Stinging he endured on his back with no justification,
Discourse with the sentinel was forbidden.
Gawking he understood will bring chastise.
With eyes as blue and beautiful as a deep clear ocean, he could not resist. He solicits a reply.

Demise of his life he was soliciting, brave man he was.
Captivating they became with one another, looking into each other eyes, create enchantment moments.
Intimate conversations drew their hearts in closer.
Tender touch created an excitement they never felt before.
Acceptance of their connection they know will not be tolerated on either side.

Creeping around they carry out day and night.
Continuing they know is a danger, stopping however, they were unable to; adoration for each other was too strong.
Conserved concerning disappearing was futile, concealed of their relationships was their only choice.

Looking forward to seeing each other, they take pleasure in.
Discovered they risk, uncovered they were.
Guilty he was found; crime committed, adoring the wrong tint.
Ill she became with the verdict, speaking her adoration for her brown eyes, she could not; in silent she suffered.

Lynch at sunset with thoughts of his blue eyes love on his mind.
Demoralized she became her brown eyes love is gone.
Murdered because of the tint of his skin, weeping she performed in secrets, her soul in turmoil.

Eradicating of her life is now a daily occurrence.
Night’s sleep with gaping eyes are constant, sunsets are a daze.
Thoughts of culpability are doing away with her for not professing her adoration for her brown yes love.

Her brown eyes love is all she yearns.
In heaven she decided to go, living without her brown eyes love was becoming too strenuous.
Their love has persevered; blue eyes and brown eyes are in heaven to freely love one another for ever.

Blue Eyes Brown Eyes

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