I stood and linger at the communion table. 
Persist of this moment; I did not think I would be able.
Waiting on two hearts to be bind into one,
spiritual union I did not think would ever be done.
Apprehension, apprehension I wanted gone.

Long gaze at the antechamber.
With a palpitating heart, I awaited the arrival of my future consort.
Minutes of the parade of ushers brings a more agitated comfort.
The melody of the moment arrived.
The congregation rise.

And now, the moment has arrived.
WOW!  Was the only word I was able to cheer?
Like an angel from heaven she appears.
Her brown eyes hypnotized this soul at first glance.
Her velvet lips my lips could not wait to chance.
Her chocolate skin this self could not wait to sense.
This nuptial moment conclude with a dance.
A reverie that will continue its pander,
Until the day this self is able to surrender.
For now this is just a tale.

My Ceremonial Tale

Wedding Story