On the surface displayed of a picturesque persona.
Internally, a tormented soul is hidden.
Life’s many nefarious encounters brought this perfect form to turmoil.
The fairy tale existence once picture is dwindling.
Now, here is a picturesque being with an internal mutilation.  
The daily continuations of an habitual life will be defied.
And, romance encounters will be remote.

A gentle soul became its own adversary. 
Overlooking what created the illusion of an idyllic tomorrow.
Until, the unexpected memories of preceding years surfaced.
Then, self- loathing engulfed.

These short lived moments are becoming too often.
Eradicating of this self stamp damaged goods stigma, will be a clash.
Romance with an individual, who identification will be with ease.
Seeking prescription for a viable life, preparation, however,
For a solitary existence, if unable to quiver the stigma of damaged goods;

Damaged Goods

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