Sunny sky is hidden behind dark clouds.
Lingering days with heavy torrent of destruction;
Sunshine state is under intense watch.
Mockingbirds’ songs are hidden until better days.

In my living room I sat.
Muted television with flashing pictures,
Settee with empty space next to me,
Longing for an escort,

Flashback, flashback of gloomy times,
Dark haze disheartens a soul.
Shattering of these sentiments I want to perform.
Empty settee continued, nevertheless.

By my window I stood, studying, tallying vehicles.
Phone in hand glancing for a companion;
Perhaps, I should call…. With an instantaneous, no!
Boredom to exhaustion,

The empty settee continues.
Sunny sky hidden behind dark clouds waiting for the moment,
Aspiration for sunny days I know will come.
Mockingbird will sing again;
The settee will be fully occupied.

Dark Haze

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