At first encounter his senses warned him not to get involve.
A chance he wanted to bestowed upon her, however,
Truth about what he wanted lay out from the beginning.
Attraction towards him she did not hide.

Subsequent days on the phone mystify him about her sentiments.
Sexual contact was inevitable because of their strong desires.
He retreated from expressing this friendship, frighten by her fanatical behavior.
Actions from past encounters in his life created this feeling.

Nevertheless, her attraction towards him multiplies.
Outlandish messages from her lips confirmed his intuition.
Not wanting to continue he expresses to her.
However, she was determined to win him over.

Warnings from friends and family members to be wary of her;
Unyielding to concede to their warnings, he embarks on having sexual relations with her.
Desirous she became on becoming his permanent companion.
The word I love you from her lips terrifies him; because he is not able to reciprocate.
Her affection is becoming too strong; going back he wished he could, to the moment of their first encounter.

Though the sex is good, he knows this relationship must end.
More time spent together will only increase her false hope.
He exclaimed to her, no place for this relationship to go, but sex.
I understand and okay with it from her lips with no conviction.
This encounter wants to create a change in his life he is not ready for.
Nevertheless, he decided to proceed along with their sexual relations. 

First Encounter