Nervous I get when thought of kissing her crossed my mind.
Dreaming of her was a daily ritual of mine.
Alone with her I prayed God for daily
Kissing her was my only focus.
Death to the sound of the world when I am around her
Courage to kiss her I lack, nervousness takes over
Convinced myself I have tried

Voices in my head were my allies but also my foe
Kissing her I desired for my imagination had revealed its marvel
kissing her I finally did
Our first kiss

Warm taste of her velvet lips when our lips touch
Spars flew when our bodies touch 
Our hearts beat in synchronization with one another
Happiness has come over us, tears of joy scurry from our eyes
Our first kiss

Daddy I hear from a distance
When I open my eyes I realized I was dreaming
This was not real, this beautiful moment was not genuine
Now sadness consumed me
Gray skies hover over my days waiting for the moment when my lips can touch hers
In my memories Iwill keep her, for my imagination had revealed the wonders of our first kiss 

Our first kiss

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