Irrigating eyes of a desolate woman,
Gentle weep, without end;
Words from lips of an admire with no meanings.
A false fable of love, a false fable of love;

A dream to reality without affection,
He has the qualities she was looking for.
Days, weeks and months lingering on admire to reciprocate.
Gentle weeping woman, gentle weeping woman,
With determination, poise on capturing an unreal heart;

Unexplained adoration for a standoffish admire,
Fasten heart impede other opportunity;
Fable of love won’t come into existence.
Gentle weep, gentle weep persist,
Fright of a solitary being, fright of a solitary being,
Settle for less than she deserves, settle for less than she deserves.

Gently Weep Poem