Looking in the mirror at a stranger;
An unrecognizable face he thought he knew lingers.
Solitary conversation of who this can be,
Questions, answers were to flee.
He has known hurt feelings and lack of conviction.
He knew this friendship was not going to have a lengthy duration.

With this in mind, he prolongs the inevitable.
Heart of trust he could not assemble.
Truth of these sentiments revealed.
But he could not do the right thing and leave.
Continuation to nowhere,
Self-interest, self-interest was all he wears.

Blur judgment of jealous moment.
Impulse to follow, he will mend.
He always gives advice of sixth sense.
Now, here, facing this decision with tense.
Fright of being alone was the fence.
Sibling advice for an unaccompanied existence;

Decisions made to slowly quell,
Gazing for a new companion for a farewell,
Past mistake he refused to repeat.
Blur judgment, he has to dissipate
Solitary life is better than a friendship he hates.

Blur judgment

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