Last night on the dance floor,
Her body verbalizes a language he did not understand.
Her eyes utter, come get me; he failed to hear.
Her smile declares I’m yours, he overlook.

Like a tourist on a foreign land he stood there perplexed.
Her language of seduction could not persuade him.
He was unsure of the proper way to respond.
This language he did not understand.

Minutes of the seductive dance went on with no response.
The foreigner continues to be mystified.
This language I understood.
Her and I started to communicate.

Our conversation on the dance floor flowed to no end.
The foreigner soon realizes this conversation was not complicated.
However, he needs to know how to put a noun and a verb together to create a sentence.
But for now, her and I will continue our communication on the dance floor, while he watches.

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Foreign Language

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