I was deep in sleep when I heard ringing of a phone from afar.
Ignore it I did, for my sleep was good.
Ringing I hear again, but sleep by body needs, so I pretend not to hear it.
Ringing once more pierce my ears, the phone I realized.
Hello I said half sleep; it is me I hear.
Confused I was hello I said again.
It is me I hear, it’s Sarah she said.

Sleep disappear from my face, my eyes widen as if I saw a ghost.
Pinched myself, dreaming I was not.
A name from time passed I recognized. 
Memories of beautiful moments from preceding years filled me.
Her I think of daily for she was my first true love.

How are you doing she said?
I am doing well, I said. 
Smile from ear to ear stamp on my face with happiness.
Lost for words, I was.
Five years have elapsed since we last spoke.
Trusting issues I had drove her away, though I begged.

Today is a good day. My heart is happy.
My lost love has return.
Conversations flowed as if she had never left.
We reminisce of wonderful memories of time passed.
Three hours later, she asked if she can see me.
Without hesitations, I screamed yes! Of course you can see me.

At our favorite restaurant I arrived.
Flowers in hand with apologies for past behaviors; I was nervous, as if this was our first encounter.
I was mesmerized by her picturesque outer as she walked in the restaurant.
Hugs I was prepare to give her, changed to a simple hello.
The introduction of Jim was unexpected.
This moment became awkward.
I wished I could run away.
Engaged! I exclaimed. Wow!

Congratulations with no heartfelt meaning coming from my lips.
I was invited to the wedding. Showing up, I will not.
One hour later, as I leave the restaurant, I was perplexed.
Sadness followed with tears.
Hope to be with Sarah is relegate to memories.
Memories of my true love, I will never forget.

Lost love return

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