Love, four letters created  a word spoken by human that is mighty.
So powerful it can mar a person sight from reality.
An unexplainable word by most that has so much validity.
Our being is in need of love daily?

In love's presence the brawny become scrawny.
However, showing too much love will allow others to have  authority.
Unfortunately, for most they will not experience love's authenticity.

As a child, I gain knowledge of love through theology.
Unconditional was required from the almighty.
Nevertheless, most does not carry love out in its entirety.
Conditions are place in order to receive love in its totality.

In genuine circumstances love can alleviate malady.
four letters created a word that will extinct humankind without its company.
We need to share love with one another for our eternity.

What is True Love?


Love Poems