I was sleeping when I heard a voice calling my name.
At first, I could not see the person; so I decide to ignore it.
My name I continue to hear. I decide to acknowledge it.
I was searching for you she said, and then, she bestowed a hug upon me.

Her hug brings a swift stimulation for an explosion.
Her lips of fine nectar, I wanted to nibble.
My hands she took for an exploration of her torso.
My moisten lips ready to douse her soft breast.
My tongue, my tongue speaks a language of ecstasy between her tights.

Her cries, her cries I can hear.
Her river I can feel.
Her taste I like.
My erect manhood ready to unload.
My toes curl upon the entrance of my manhood in her moisten maw.

The warm feel I like. Her diligence I appreciated.
This moment I did not want to end.
The harmonious dancing of our hips,
Thrust with deeper thrust persist,
Her irrigation continues with no end.

She cries for more, more, more
Climax with climax, with climax;
Minutes later, in unison for a final unload.
Awaken with soak sheets and no companion.
WOW! WOW! This was just a dream.

Lucid dream

Love Poems