At six feet tall and a sculpt body,
He is a brute with an angelic face.
Soft hands that stings with beautiful arctic eyes;
He is a master of camouflage, for she was unable to notice his true identity.

Her first encounter with him was mesmerizing.
For his outer surface was picturesque.
Wary of him was far from her thoughts.
Exhilaration of an encounter she never considered.

Shortly thereafter, the stings from his soft hands on her face;
Arctic eyes that lay nothing but intense fear in her.
Pretense he has mastered, affectation was natural to him.
Absolve him was a daily occurrence of hers.

The picturesque outer she was smitten by.
Endured this brute she continued.
Soft hands continue to stings her face.
Sharp tongue continues to hack her skin deeper than a scalpel.
Besotted she was by him undergo a chastise not merit.


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