In a reverie state, fasten stare at the damsel.
Standing among the village swarms without being discerned.
Desirous look of the damsel; with a gaping maw.
This self has never encounter such.

With an angelic face and a body of a goddess;
Emerald eyes, luscious lips and radiant tresses like the sun.
in her bosom this self wanted his maw to reside.

The village swarms thwarting the view.
Damsel has disappeared in this lieu.
Long gaze north, south, east, west.
Pondered where this damsel could have gone.
Frantic roaming the village with no discovery.

Night sky has come, and a dishearten walk home.
Daily village excursions for another glimpsed of the picturesque damsel.
Dispirited of the missed opportunity, relinquishing the search;
This picturesque damsel will never be forgotten.
This self has never encounter such.

Picturesque damsel

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