She was picturesque with long flowing hair.
Captivating long legs,
Skin as smooth as silk at every feel;
Her touch was as gentle as an angel’s touch from heaven.
He was tall, handsome, caring and honest.
Masters of pretense, 

Secret hearts of two people pretending,
Hiding their feelings from each other,
Unable to look at one another in the eyes;
for fear it may reveal their secrets.
Daily struggles to remove thoughts of one another.

Secret hearts skipping every time they are near each other,
Sweaty palms and stomach butterflies would not allow their hearts to reveal their true feelings.
Restless nights would not allow a good night sleep.

Secret moments of solitary climaxing, temporally filled the void waiting to be real.
Trying to forget without success the secrets they hold in their hearts.
Secret hearts would not allow two people to experience true love, due a simple difference of tint of their skin.

Secret hearts

Love Poems