Starting point of a new life that was not filled with the same images as on the television.
Immerse with the notion of having multiple rendezvous, soon turns to the blues.

Nights exhausted wishing I had someone special in my life to call my own.
Gloomy days and lack of prospect brings an uninterested outlook to a solitary life.

Love making is unimportant, companionship is what I chase.
Eluding this single life I considered, until memories of my past nuptial surface.

Living alone I'm beginning to enjoy, an opportunity to get to know myself.
In an amorous relationship I would like to take pleasure in, but not before I'm set.

For now, I will concentrate on leisure interest, until the day I meet my heart desires.
Escort I till care for, but seriousness in any candidate for long will make me a liar.

Single Life

Love Poems