That night he drove alone on a quiet dark road.
Gathering enough courage to make this decision.
Turning point of his life he was about to experience for the first time.
Expectations of this moment he knew, but that night, he did not anticipated.
Challenges he thought he could overcome were not desirable.

After ten years of marriage, he decided he had enough.
Worrying about what others think of him he can't entertained any more.
No longer was he going to live his life to please others of no importance to him.
His world changed after he spoke these words.
I am leaving you.

Confused were his days to come.
Gray sky followed his every steps.
As time passed, however, his decision became clearer.

It was on a cold winter day in New Jersey he met this beautiful lady.
Marriage came two years later, hasten by her pregnancy.
Happiness were slow to come.
Daily reminders of how worthless he was, pierced his heart.
"I am here because I was pregnant," was a daily reminder.

Strong displeasure from her mother about the nuptial did not help.
Ten years passed and the struggle continues.
Divorce statistics he did not want to partake.
Pleasing her he tried to no avail.
Buying her love he thought he could to no satisfaction.

Loving him he knows she didn't and couldn't.
That night he left.
Go back to what was, he couldn't and didn't want to.
Happiness he deserves, love he deserves, appreciation he deserves.
That night decision to leave was the best decision.

That night