An unforgettable early morning in May;
Anxious heart palpitating on the way,
Months of waiting has come to this day.
Dawdling drive to the infirmary as I pray.

Recalling nine months of ups and downs,
An unborn offspring was the talk of the town.
With devout lass, I engage for a moment of copulation.
Without matrimony, the displease congregation form a solution.

Forsaking her for her blunder without absolution;
Her blood relation ensues with their conclusions.
A devout woman in a forlorn circumstance,
I solicit nuptial; for an opportunity for acceptance.

Overwhelm exhilaration that day, as I incise the life line.
That morning an angel came about, everything was fine.
Daunting as I embrace the fragile soul, now we were a trine.
An everlasting change has taken place that morning, astonish she is mine.

Unforgettable Morning